Understanding How A DUI Can Affect Your Job Prospects

Understanding How A DUI Can Affect Your Job Prospects

Whether you’ve had just one drink, or one drink too many, getting pulled over while driving under the influence can result in receiving a DUI.  Often times people visiting Florida while on vacation, as well as those who live year round in the Sunshine State, get pulled over after having had a little too much fun.  DUI charges can be misunderstood and easily mishandled, and when it comes to how those charges affect employment, it is important to fully understand.

Charges of DUI can result in a misdemeanor or a felony, each carrying it’s on set of circumstances and consequences.  Even if you have only been convicted of a misdemeanor DUI, your employment prospects may be narrowed. Many employers run criminal background checks on applicants as well as current employees, and depending on the type of career, a DUI can possibly mean the end of a job.

If your career does not involve driving, handling sensitive material, working with children, or medical practices, your employer may be willing to look past a DUI conviction.  However, as a candidate for a new position of employment, it may be a much harder sell.

However, just being arrested for a DUI typically will not affect your job search.  Most states allow employers to ask about convictions, not necessarily arrests, and there is most definitely a difference.  Understanding that you do not have to volunteer this information is key when seeking employment as an arrest is not a conviction and you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

On the other hand, you should give employers information on any convictions you may have received if they specifically ask you during an interview or on a written application. If you have an outdated DUI on your record that keeps getting in the way of your gaining good employment, you can speak to an attorney about having that conviction expunged from your record.  This means that you will not have to acknowledge it as a conviction during any employment process.

In addition to having a criminal record, getting a DUI conviction can slow your job search and career path in other ways.  Sentencing often involves heavy fines, commitments to programs, and loss of driver’s licenses.  Without a valid driver’s license, finding or keeping employment can be almost impossible as reliable transportation is necessary to fulfilling the requirements of many jobs.

If you have found yourself in this type of situation, it is best to consult with attorneys who understand the law and how it affects you personally.  The law offices of Hutchison and Tubiana at Florida Keys DUI can provide you with assistance in understanding your DUI charges and represent your interests in court in an effort to minimize any negative impact.  Securing these expert services is the best way to ensure your mistake does not cost you your employment options or established career.

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