DUI Law in the Florida Keys We’ve Got It Covered

DUI Law in the Florida Keys: We’ve Got It Covered!

We know that there’s a lot going on in the road in our communities.

Changes have made traffic law in Florida more complicated over the years. State law sends patrol officers and troopers out on the roads every day to enforce what the state has put in place to keep everyone safe. However, lots of people get caught up in aggressive dragnets and unfair or targeted prosecutions. Checkpoints and random sobriety stops have ratcheted up this type of interaction between police and citizens. Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it doesn’t.

At Hutchison and Tubiana, we have extensive experience in the area of DUI defense. What we can tell you is that while DUI enforcement does save lives, it can also cause enormous problems for individuals and families when it’s aggressively applied. That’s why we fight for the rights of our clients in a court of law.

We like to provide real proof of our experience and standing in the community in a clear and direct way. With that in mind, here are some numbers.

35 Years of Experience

We have 35 years of experience in the Florida Keys. That sets us apart from newcomers and offers our clients more of a broad base of experience that often comes in handy in court. Over the years, we have learned what works in a Florida court hearing, and how to work with state law to help our clients to avoid excessive prosecution.

500+  DUI Cases

Has your DUI lawyer ever been in the courtroom? It’s a fair question. We’ve handled over 500 DUI cases – so you know that we’re used to dealing with these kinds of legal work.

$275,000 in Fines Avoided

One of the biggest impacts in excessive DUI prosecution is the financial impact. It’s easy for fines and costs to quickly spiral up into amounts that a well-meaning defendant can never pay. While the law is the law, it’s not proper for someone to effectively be forced into indentured servitude for the rest of his or her life, in order to pay off a single violation, especially if that charge was based on shaky ground to begin with.

We’ve secured over $275,000 in cost savings for our clients, and we continue to help out where we can.

99% Customer Satisfaction

Why 99%? Because, as the old saying says, you’re never going to please everyone all the time. If someone tells you they have 100%, they’re probably lying. With that in mind, what we can say is that we have seen resounding loyalty and support from our clients, because they know that we are on their side in court. Give us a call for professional legal representation in the state of Florida.

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