Four Things to Know About SCRAM Bracelets

The SCRAM bracelet is a modern part of DUI enforcement that is supposed to help courts monitor those who have been convicted of a drug or alcohol offense.

These devices are worn on the ankle and monitor a person’s sweat to look for signs of alcohol use.

Here are some things that beginners should know about these types of devices.

Staying Out Of Jail

One of the positive aspects of these devices is that they have been an alternative to requiring jail time.

Some court cases involving a DUI will order a bracelet instead of jail time because it benefits both the defendant and the system. If someone with a DUI conviction can be safely monitored outside of the prison system, it saves resources in terms of taxes, and it allows that person to live his or her life instead of being incarcerated.

DUI defense attorneys may work with clients to get this type of alternative when there’s the threat of significant prison time.

DUI and Cost

A SCRAM ankle bracelet can cost several hundred dollars, and generally, the convicted person is responsible for paying those costs, along with court costs and everything else. It’s important to know where you stand financially, in order to plan for your responsibilities in paying off the cost of the DUI. The SCRAM device can factor into this equation pretty prominently.

Self-Reporting Requirements

Some of these types of equipment require the wearer to regularly enter information into a device or platform. Then the company that receives the data can analyze it to see whether the person has been complying with their terms of probation.

SCRAM and False Positives

This is an important thing to know about SCRAM devices.

Can these devices generate false positives?

According to some plaintiffs in a new class-action case, they can. In fact, some who have been ordered to wear a SCRAM ankle device claim that these devices can generate all sorts of false positives from items like these:

  • Cosmetic products
  • Cleaning products
  • Air fresheners

This troubling aspect of the SCRAM device should be part of a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer’s outlook in terms of helping clients to avoid unfair or targeted prosecution. In some cases, it has been found that SCRAM ankle bracelets can generate a positive at the same time that a breath test generates a negative. That in itself constitutes a problem.

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