DUI Consequences in Florida

DUI Consequences in Florida

A DUI anywhere in the country has serious consequences – and that’s abundantly true in the state of Florida. Of course, the reason for many of these federal and state laws has to do with protecting innocent citizens against reckless inebriated drivers. But the big picture of DUI enforcement is much larger than that – it has to do with who gets caught in the dragnet, and how parties evaluate risk, rights and responsibilities.

Here are some of the things that you’ll have to evaluate when you’re faced with a DUI charge in the state of Florida. A good DUI attorney is not telling you these things to scare you – we just want you to know what’s on the books, in order to make an informed decision. The good news is that you have your rights under the law.

Loss of License

Loss of license is common after a DUI conviction, and that loss generally ranges from 180 days to a year, or perhaps more for more egregious cases. However, a good DUI defense attorney may be able to help clients avoid these license suspensions, possibly by agreeing to use an ignition interlock device, or in some other case context. That allows the DUI defendant to be able to work and provide for a family, as well as to hold up his or her financial responsibilities vis a vis the original charge.

Criminal Record

A DUI often goes on the defendant’s criminal record when they are convicted. A criminal record is a serious consequence. It can bar your access to any number of jobs or other opportunities. That’s why we evaluate each case independently, to look at whether there is the possibility of expunging a DUI conviction.


DUI convictions in Florida can trigger fines of up to $25,000. There are also other associated costs, for example, with ignition interlock devices or any other monitoring device. We will help clients to determine what costs they may be facing in their particular circumstances, because every DUI case is uniquely different.

Jail Time

A first-time DUI conviction, in the state of Florida, can lead to up to six months of incarceration. A second conviction carries jail time of up to nine months, and a third conviction can result in incarceration for a year. However, these are general guidelines that the courts work from, and there  are a lot of factors involved. Some first-time DUI defendants avoid jail time altogether and may be sentenced to community service.

In general, the state will mandate various types of education and substance abuse courses for offenders as part of any leniency under the law.

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